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Impress Therapeutic Massage

Single Plantar Fasciitis Shockwave Therapy (1 Foot)

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Single Plantar Fasciitis Shockwave Therapy (1 Foot)

Deal Description: Free yourself from plantar fasciitis using an all-natural, non-invasive treatment. We combine a blend of medical massage, shockwave and laser. After one treatment you will notice a reduction in your plantar fasciitis. This treatment is normally given over 6 half hour sessions resulting in the dramatic reduction and in most cases elimination of plantar fasciitis. Apply this session toward our single foot plantar fasciitis shockwave package to achieve this amazing result!

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Phone : (321) 622-8237

Address :3145 Suntree Blvd. Suite 102, , Rockledge, FL 32955

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About Impress Therapeutic Massage

Few Words About The Owner

Hi, my name is Adam Imp

I am the owner of Impress Therapeutic Massage.

As a Board Certified, Licensed, and Certified Medical Massage Practitioner with over 10 years of experience, I strive to create a highly customizable session that provides all of the elements of a relaxing massage, while addressing the needs of the individual to help identify and treat areas of both acute and chronic pain and dysfunction.

As a Precision Neuromuscular Therapist, (PNMT), I understand the integral connection between these two components of therapy, and have extensive training to utilize many advanced techniques for achieving the best possible outcome that manual therapy and bodywork can provide.  Furthermore, I blend various modalities along with adjunct therapies seamlessly together  for my clients creating a custom treatment plan that is uniquely you!

I want nothing more than to  help you, or someone you know, achieve a healthy lifestyle with less stress, and relief from chronic pain.

Come join our Impress Family and feel the Difference!


Services Offered:


Our Swedish Massage seamlessly blends a mix of warm oils, steamed towels, and nurturing, gentle strokes to create the perfect relaxation massage experience.  All was ask you to do is pick your favorite tropical beach and let the stress from everyday life melt away.


Our Deep Tissue Massage begins with a series of deep therapy strokes over the body with added attention to certain areas that need extra focus. We periodically communicate with you throughout your session to ensure your comfort.


Our Medical Massage starts with a highly personalized analysis of your symptoms.  From there, we formulate a treatment plan to address your specific needs followed by a series of strokes you will not find in any other type of massage.  Medical Massage is very different from our other modalities.  We keep in close communication throughout your entire session and provide you with information to keep you informed from start to finish.


Soothing, relaxing total body comfort is our #1 goal here!  First, we start with warm steamed towels to gently melt away sub-dermal surface tension.  Next, we apply gentle pressure over key areas of the body to reduce muscle stress and fatigue.  All we ask of you in return is to find your inner ZEN and drift off to your own private place where your worries fade away.


Even if you’ve had reflexology before, our reflexology sessions are truly unique.  We begin with hot steamed towels to prep the tissue, followed by various reflexology pressure point techniques to promote energy movement to areas of congestion throughout the body.  We then use a citrus sea salt scrub leaving your feet feeling silky smooth and luxurious.  Finally, we gently massage key reflexology points using an organic green tea and mint marine therapy balm specifically formulated for leaving your feet feeling refreshed and fabulous.



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