Hawk Manor Falconry

Hawk Manor Falconry

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Two Hour Falconry Experience

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Phone : (910) 984-5196

Address : 587 Joe Collins Rd, , , NC 27546

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8:00 am - 8:00 pm
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About Hawk Manor Falconry

Hawk Manor Falconry is a company who’s foundation was, and is, built around the oldest sport

known to man: Falconry ( the art/sport of training and hunting with birds of prey).

We are a bird of prey business unlike any other. We offer all kinds of up close entertaining and

educational programs.

We offer 2hr experiences that are like nothing else you have ever been to. No other bird of

program offers the opportunity to get this up-close and personal with the birds. Feel their talons,

have them fly to you, feel their feathers, and even selfie with an owl if you wish. It is incredibly

entertaining and educational at the same time.

If this isn’t enough, we also offer falconry hunts! Actually go out with us and watch the birds do

what they do best…..hunt wild game. It’s an almost spiritual experience.

Any event you may have that requires something a little different, we got you covered. No

matter the event, you and your guests will walk away entertained and educated about falconry

and birds of prey.

*Falconry Experiences

*Guided Hunts

*Education programs for schools, scouts, birthday parties, etc.,)

*Team building/corporate events


Owner and Master Falconer, Chip Gentry, guarantees an experience of a lifetime!




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