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C 2 Movers

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Phone : (602) 999-1795

Address :3104 East Camelback Rd suite 110, Phoenix, AZ 85254

Landmarks : Proudly serving Phoenix and surrounding areas.

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7:00 am - 8:00 pm
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About C 2 Movers

If you are moving from anywhere in the Phoenix metro area to anywhere in the state of Arizona, you’ll want to hire the top rated Phoenix moving company to go along for the journey. We are ranked the number 1 movers in the metro valley, and there is reason for that. With C2, you will receive secure, efficient, and outstanding service across the entire Arizona region.

Whether you are moving across town or across the state, C2 Moving has the experience and capabilities to make sure that you arrive and settle in to your new place quickly and stress-free. Our statewide movers are licensed and insured and ready to work for you!


Our services:


We can get your belongings from point A to point B without any muss or fuss. We are the best in the business and do things right the first time. At C2 Moving we’ll C2 it, no matter what it is!


When moving with us, you can pack your stuff or we can do it for you. Full service packing of your items is available to those who need it. We specialize in packing so you don’t need to worry about your items.

Piano Moving

Nothing is more scary then moving a piano, especially one that has been part of your family for years. Forget the stress and let us handle it for you. Uprights and Grands, we know how to move them safely.

Large Furniture

Nothing is to big or small for our professional team of movers. From weird shaped objects to heavy objects to fragile items, don’t let someone without the years of experience like C2 movers handle it.

Fragile Items

Our team can handle any sort of fragile item you throw at them. (We do not however recommend throwing your fragile items at our team.) One and done we will get it to your destination in the same condition it left your home.


Things become brittle with age, but that is not an obstacle for C2 Moving. We know what it takes to move antiques without compromising their integrity. This is a specialized type of move you don’t want to trust to amateurs.


We know how to pack things in a organized and efficient manner so that when you get to your destination unpacking and finding things isn’t like doing the Sunday crossword puzzle in the newspaper.


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