Anchored in Spirit

Anchored in Spirit

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60-90 Minute Hypnotherapy Session (Improve self-esteem, stop smoking, lose weight, career change)

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Past Life Reading (Uncover Hidden Issues, 60-90 Minute Session)

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Phone : (415) 760-7751

Address :2030 Divisadero Street, , San Francisco, CA 94115

Landmarks : Saurday Appointments Only.

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8:00 am - 8:00 pm

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About Anchored in Spirit

The Greatest Discovery of All is Self-Discovery!

Throughout the ages man has walked the earth seeking wisdom and self-knowledge in an effort to understand who and what comprises the physical body and mind. To be “anchored in spirit” is to be in alignment with Source energy with a remembrance that what lies within us is the world of Spirit. This is the energy we came from and are made of and it has its own laws that provide the foundational blueprint for the forming of molecules, cells and organs we see and feel as matter.

Anchored In Spirit uses the healing arts and vibrational healing modalities such as art therapy, hypnosis, and DNA activation and neutralization as tools to help you heal yourself in order to have a better quality of life. Additionally, Anchored in Spirit offers visual and literary arts as a way to communicate ancient teachings, spiritual and scientific knowledge and sacred practices as well as holistic coaching for enhanced performance. Accessing the subconscious with symbolism through creative art expression is one of the ways the spiritual world connects with us. It is only when we are still and aligned with Source energy that we are able to harness our imagination for a higher purpose – raising the consciousness of man for earth’s evolution.

Anchored In Spirit awakens you to the creative power within you – whether through self-healing techniques, education or art, your life will be transformed and you will be able to manifest the career, finances, health and relationships you most desire.


About Me:

I created this endeavor because my life purpose is to inspire and empower individuals to awaken to their higher selves and greatest potential. Ever since childhood I had a passion for drawing and painting and helping others. Besides healing and teaching, I believe one of my other spiritual gifts is “service,” as I’ve always been compelled to help those in need.

As a child, I always loved to draw and aspired to be in advertising admiring the character Darin’s role on the television program, “I Dream of Genie.” Thus, I graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park where I majored in Communications and minored in Art Studio.  Although art was not a focused career, (I owned a sales promotion and marketing consultancy agency), over the years I often went back and forth, dabbling in artistic pursuits as an avocation. I started selling art in 1988 when I formed “Through Artist Eyes”. At that time I was hired to paint on the back of leather motorcycle jackets for Rad Leather located in SF’s trendy Haight Ashbury district in 1990.

After a bumpy road of contrast and crisis, I found my divine purpose. I began a practice in the healing arts as a passion to complement the counseling of many friends and family members as well as myself by avidly reading science and metaphysical publications and taking various classes both to heal myself and for instructional purposes. For several years, I studied hypnotherapy at the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy and became a certified hypnotherapist. Additionally, I practice Reiki, EFT and other energy healing modalities to complement my services and was certified by Possibilities DNA as an emotional healing practitioner utilizing a unique numerical mapping process to eliminate energy interference patterns held in the body. I’m forever studying and learning more and more new practices to add to my portfolio offering clients a variety of holistic solutions to life’s challenges.

Finally, I’ve put my talents to service by integrating business, art and study of the mind, body, and soul connection into a solid foundation based upon being “Anchored In Spirit,”


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