One Slimming Formostar Body Wraps at Image, Body, and Health (Up to 61% Off)

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One Slimming Formostar Body Wraps at Image, Body, and Health (Up to 61% Off)
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Phone : (619) 207-2245

Address : 4116 Bonita Rd, Bonita, CA 91902

Landmarks : Across from the Chula Vista Golf Course.


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Monday - Saturday by Appointment Only.

Call Us: 619-207-2245

Military, Firefighters, Police, and Government Service Members receive a DISCOUNT on 6 sessions and up packages.

Formostar Encore System Far Infrared Weight Loss Body Wrap Fat Loss The Formostar Encore System helps you tone your muscles, define your body and keep weight off permanently. During the treatment approximately 900 to 1,400 calories are burned so results are visible quickly.  Most people lose about one size every six to ten sessions. The treatment can help to target cellulite smoothing skin, eliminating ripples and bumps.  An Infrared Body Wrap Treatment is an easy alternative to invasive surgery and difficult diets. Tone your body and replenish it with our exclusive body wraps. You can see the glow return to your skin, making it look younger and more beautiful than ever! Physical Therapy People who suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, menstrual or post-partum pain, back pain, muscle or joint pain and other conditions find our Far Infrared Body Wrap Treatment very soothing and beneficial.  Often athletes use our infrared body wrap to enhance muscle tone and reduce soreness and fatigue on muscles. Restore the Glow to Your Body with Exquisite Body Wrap Therapy                 There are many benefits associated with an Infrared Weight Loss Body Wrap.  During the relaxing treatment silicone pads are wrapped around your target areas while comfortably lying on a massage table.  The heat directly penetrates the buttocks, Abdomen, Hips, Thighs and Arms burning up to 1,400 calories, stimulating weight loss and the appearance of cellulite. The Far Infrared Heat activates the metabolism increasing blood flow and circulation, encouraging the body to consume energy, reduce stress, manage pain and detoxify. Detoxify The most deeply penetrating of all heat-treatment systems, our Formostar Far Infrared Body Wrap can eliminate deep toxins.  Far Infrared heat is a proven method for activating your body's natural enzymes and metabolic cellular activity.  Combined with proper hydration, your will feel the difference in days. Starting your Infrared Body Wrap session You are fully clothed during the treatment and will need to arrive with or bring 100% cotton clothing such as sweat pants or exercise pants, and a long-sleeve 100% cotton top.  Drink plenty of water before and during the session, also recommended to abstain from food at least 2 hours prior to the treatment. When ready to start you will be wrapped in silicone pads around your thighs, hips, abdomen and arms.  The pads are then fastened in place using Velcro fasteners. The Far Infrared Filaments ensure you will be bathed evenly with comfortable and relaxing heat. During the 1 hour session, you can just lay back relax, rejuvenate and restore.


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