CouponXL Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to address most questions and concerns for both, the issuing Business, as well as the Consumers who utilize the Deals. If you have any questions that are not addressed below, please do not hesitate to email us directly.


For Business Owners

There are two programs to choose from;
1. Basic- $50 per month and No Contract
2. Premium $99 per month and No Contract
(check with your sales rep for any promotions currently being offered)
Each program has been designed with a set number of features, suitable for different style of business. You will find a list of the different features each of them offer on the sign up page.

Yes, there is a onetime build-out fee of $99 that covers the ad creation and modifications, search engine submissions for Premium Ads, professional stock images as needed, as well as providing unlimited changes throughout the life of the advertising campaign. However, there may be promotions in your area to help reduce the start-up costs. Be sure to ask your representative. Should you elect to build the ad yourself, you can forgo the setup fee.

No, our services are offered on a month to month basis and can be cancelled at any time. Should you elect to cancel your services, you can do so directly through your admin panel, or by calling or emailing us directly.

Once the required information is received from the business, ads are generally placed live the same day.

The refund policy is as follows: Business ads must have deals actively running for a period not less than 90 days, and no more than 120 days. While you can elect to cancel at any time, refunds will only be processed for ads that remained active, with deals running for a period of 90 days to assure we have had ample time to implement all aspects of our marketing on the behalf of the business. Refunds will not be processed for any ads that run longer than 120 days, as it is assumed the business is content with our marketing efforts.

Our dedicated support staff will complete the initial build-out of your Ad. Once complete, you will have full real-time access to update or modify any aspect of the Ad that you wish.

Basic ads will allow you to advertise one deal at a time, while the Premium ads, will allow you to advertise as many deals as you wish, without limitations.

Changes and updates can be made from your assigned administrative panel or directly with one of our support staff.

Yes, simply log into your account, locate the deal, and click the pause button. The deal will remain paused until you decide to reactivate it.

Yes, you will have the option of selecting Direct Sale when designing your Deals. When this option is chosen, you will be required to enter the direct URL address for your Business Shopping Cart. The redeem button will be replaced with a Buy Now button on the deals and will be directly linked back to your processor.

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