Four or Eight Introductory Fencing Classes for Kids at Xcel Fencing (60% Off)

Xcel Fencing

Four or Eight Introductory Fencing Classes for Kids at Xcel Fencing (60% Off)
$125 $49 up to 60 % off

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Phone : (415) 322-0242

Address : 3201 Balboa St, , , CA 94121

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Ends on: 09/29/2020

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About Us

  Our Head Coach, Al Carter, earned his first international medal and position on his first world team in just a year and a half (on his way to becoming a top ranked world competitor).  Since the new millennium, the United States has become one of the strongest nations in world fencing competition, and he has been honored as one of the greatest coaches in U.S. Fencing History (by the Museum of American Fencing).   At Xcel, our primary objective is to ensure that fencing for kids is full of fun, games, and activities that allow them to have a great time!  We have found, their enjoyment of the game coupled with our training method enhances their ability to progress at an accelerated rate.  As students learn to fence and enjoy their experience, we are also very pleased to see how many develop a strong connection to this unique sport, begin lifelong friendships, and achieve athletic, academic, and career success.   Since we were founded, Xcel Fencing quickly earned a reputation for consistently developing fencers who ‘accelerate to excellence’.  Within our first couple of years, we had inspired several students to achieve extraordinary national and international results.  Since we opened our doors, almost all of our competitive students have been champions or medalists in city, bay area, state, pacific coast region, national or international events.  Students’ rate of development, notable achievements, personal growth, and our fun-focused training atmosphere make Xcel Fencing one of the most unique and successful Youth Fencing Development Programs in the country.   We are currently accepting new students for our Youth Fencing, Junior Fencing, and Adult Fencing  & Fitness Programs.  Fencing is one of the fastest growing San Francisco sports for kids, and we hope you will become a part of our next generation of top fencers.   We welcome you to join us in pursuit of excellence. . .  


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